Apple iOS 12 : 5 new improvements and fixes


iOS 12 is focused on making iPhone and iPad experience much more faster and there are also some new improvements on the apps as well. These performance improvements supported to all iPhone and iPad back until iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Some of the patches are:-


  • Faster and more responsive
  • Smoother animations
  • Up to 40% faster app launch
  • Up to 50% faster keyboard display
  • Up to 70% faster swipe to Camera
  • Up to 2x faster Share sheet display under load


  • Group FaceTime – Up to 32 participants
  • FaceTime audio and video – You can now answer Group Calls with Audio and Video
  • Join Anytime – The title says it! Join anytime.

Screen Time

Source : The Verge

New tools to keep track on your activities on your phone. You can now set the limit of usage of your phone. Good for your kids who always hang out with the phone, safety comes first people!


Source : Mac Rumours
  • Grouped Notification
  • Instant Tuning
  • Quiet Delivery
  • Critical Alerts


  • Improved portrait lighting – The camera has now automatic function to create a mask when a face is detected, separating it from the scene to adjust it better.
  • Improved QR reader – Focusing on a QR code is much easier and faster now with the new detection.
  • Portrait Segmentation API – Third Party Camera app can make use of the new layers separation, such as separating background from the foreground.