Disk Cleanup is soon to be removed from Windows 10


Microsoft has announces that Disk Cleanup tool is going to be deprecated on October 2018, next month. A new tool called “Free Up Space” is doing the same function but with more.

20 years of debut

Disk Cleanup has been doing a great job and a useful function since it was first released on Windows 98. You may find the options easily by going to any “Drive” -> “Properties”, you will find the “Disk Cleanup” option there. Another way to use it is by navigating through the Start Menu or search for cleanmgr.exe.

CCleaner and Disk Cleanup

Piriform, CCleaner is one of the tools preferred by most computer techy as a replacement for Disk Cleanup as it has more features that cleans unused registry, caches, history, etc, but users have to download this third-party software to use it. Disk Cleanup is pre-installed within the operating system itself.

Is it gone yet? Will it disappear after October 2018?

Microsoft says it will keep the utility for the compatible reason but eventually it will just like the rest of the deprecated tools such as Microsoft Paint (No longer packed with the Operating System, but will be shown on the Store soon enough), HomeGroup and others.

Microsoft has also suggested that users should not rely on the Disk Cleanup as they have developed a modern tools and will focus on their latest product, which they will abandon and remove Disk Cleanup within a few years from now.

We, as a user, would like to thank Microsoft and Disk Cleanup tool for being a wonderful and useful tool throughout these years.