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Our Services

Computer Servicing

We clean and replace the old thermal paste with a high quality thermal paste which can help to increase the lifespan of your computer which is caused by overheating etc.

Tune Up

Are you having a slow PC? Feels like it is not how it used to be? We can help you to optimize your processes that is using your CPU too much. Remember, better performance, better experience!

Computer Troubleshooting

We are qualified with Computer Engineering background and believed that with our more than 10 years of experiences could help our customers to troubleshoot computer problems at our best.

Malware Removal

If tuning up is not working, there is a chance that your computer is infected with viruses. Virus slows down PC, depending on the virus, it can be harmful to your computer as well. We are the doctor, we can help you to treat and remove this virus.

Computer Diagnosis

Diagnosing a computer is like a doctor checking it’s patient. It’s not always 100% correct! But we can help you to list out the possibilities of the issue. We have diagnosed more than 500 computers in total.

Thermal Paste

Thermal paste needs to be replaced regularly, at least, every 3 months, depending on how you use your computer. Heavy gamer tends to have a dried thermal paste in 2 – 3 months. Remember to change the thermal paste!

Computer Reformat

Corrupted operating system files? Constantly getting a loop boot? Missing boot file? We can get your OS reinstalled with some free good software! Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc, we have it all!

Parts Replacement

With the help of our business partners and suppliers, we manage to get new computer parts, accessories, hardware, software and others within at least a week (during working days) with WARRANTY.

- More coming services! -